Paying for a Minecraft build

I made a Minecraft village for my daughter last Christmas. In which there are rooms that give her clues to where her presents are hidden in our house.
This year however I haven’t got time to make one on that scale again so I’m wondering how I go about somebody making me one.
Any help would be great :slight_smile:

That sounds amazing.

Do you use Java or Bedrock edition?

Just the normal Xbox one edition.

sounds like something @Bamnan would know about


If you download the Better Together update, you can get access to the marketplace - this has a load of maps you can pay a couple of quid to download. Some good, some less so, but there’ll almost certainly be something useful in there for you. You can see the kind of things that are available online here…

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I have no idea I’m afraid but that’s a really cool idea!

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Excellent, cheers. I take it this is for the Xbox?

XBox One, yes.

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