PayPal detective agency

I was buying something in a rush on PayPal earlier today. I didn’t give it a second thought until just now but it said “pay using PayPal balance.” I knew I didn’t have a balance in my usual PayPal account so I went back on to check. I was signed into a different email. No memory of creating a PayPal account using that email address but it had £44 in it from a transaction in July this year. I have no idea what this is for although the name has the vaguest of familiarity to me.

I’ve checked my emails from around that period and don’t see any eBay or other sales emails. Googling the name of the person who sent me the money shows up an article on a Florida anti vaxxer who was on a ventilator in August and not much else.

I assume the money was sent to me legitamately for something but I don’t really want to spend it before I can work it out

Transfer it to me and I’ll take care of things.