Payslip question

There’s a difference between the net pay listed on my pay slip and what’s appeared in my account this month, anyone know the reason?

Pay slip = 1234.13
Account = 1324.62

I’m suspicious that someone’s made a typo between 1234 and 1324 but then the decimal places are wrong too.

** actual figures just for reference

Are your expenses paid separately?

Yes. I’ve actually been paid £200 less than what’s on my payslip

I’d definitely query it with payroll

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Wow, you need a better paying job!

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:roll_eyes: I actually earn big bucks I’ll have you know




I save lives don’t you know

It shouldn’t be a typo, assuming they’re using some kind of payroll software then the figure on the payslip should be identical to what is on the payment file.

It’s possible that after the payslip was generated something else happened to affect your pay (for example a tax code change), but you’ll have to contact payroll to get them to confirm.

maybe you bought something but forgot about it

but some of those lives will be Tory lives!

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pension stuff? idk

No being Tory is an exclusion criteria on my studies

No all that stuff is already accounted for - the net pay amount should be what goes into my account right?

Going to send a polite email to the accountancy firm. Love doing this on my day off!

Haha those numbers were just an example.

Guys this is embarrassing - by complete coincidence a savings account I had has matured yesterday and it automatically kicked the balance back into my main account - and it just so happened that it was almost equal to a months pay (which hasn’t arrived yet). So now I feel like a bit of an eejit. Thanks for all your suggestions anyway!


So, Milky Bars are on you?


It’s not real money - when I sold my flat I had to find various accounts to store the money until I bought a new one so it’s not like I can actually spend it.

Alright, the Queen.