What do you do with yours? Got a nice little box file to keep them in have you? Little elastic band round them to hold them all in place?

My bedside table is littered with them. Need to get a shredder and go through anything older than 6/12*

*this is how legit OGs say 6 months


Just get them digitally now.

Will be a pain when it comes to my wife’s visa renewal actually…


Got e-payslips these days, haven’t looked at a single one since they changed from paper ones.


Scan then in each month and add them to a folder on Google drive
The paper one is then shredded.


Wow sheeldz, I wish I had your hustle! Good going man.


Digital now. What with this being the 21st century and all.


Ideal: keep the last 3 months’ payslips in a red concertina folder, shredding the old ones monthly.

Actual: leave them in my top drawer at work / laptop bag / piles of unsorted admin and then have an evening every six months where I run the crosscut shredder to the verge of mechanical failure.


I bung 'em in the little safe next to my bed. Must be a good 8/9 years of them in there. HMRC hassle me every so often so have taken to hoarding them.


Just started doing it when I was in texas. UK payslips were scanned by my family in and I did the rest. Seemed like a good idea.


Just get them online. Never look at them obviously.

Haven’t had paper ones since 2012.


I have pay slips going back 16 years in a box at home.

I should probably get rid of some of them.


This is the exact post i was going to make. Virtually word for word. Freaky. What have i become?


I went from a digital company to back to paper here as we have chumps who don’t do computer based work and might not have access. Can you believe it?

Have them all in my bedside drawer.


A man with all his ambitions fulfilled?


Probably a bit of a gap there from the Twee Loser days.


all over the place - a right mess


got them in a drawer along with ticket stubs and various other random shit


Get them digitally and file them in a gmail folder.


I get e-payslips cos I live in the future.


I get given mine at work. They don’t even post them to my house.

Therefore, I can see about 4 payslips from where i’m sitting because I don’t even put them away.