PBs (here are some more characters)


Slammed any PBs recently?

I haven’t left this house since Tuesday morning which is a huge PB.

No cycling shit, dicks.


Would you like to see my Strava profile?


No, I would not. Please read the OP more carefully.


Would you like to see the Strava profiles of various DiS runners?


Well done mate.


My editing time has run out but no, I would not. PBs shouldn’t be based around sports and exercise. Everyone knows that.


You’d only be jelly of all of our PBs (this is a ‘joke’ about American sandwiches).


I did 11,347 steps last Saturday.


How many of them were H?


I didn’t wear knickers on holiday for about 6 days straight. I had to put some on because I was wearing a rather short skirt out in the evening.


Nice one. That’s the sort of record we’re looking for here. Good saving on washing too.


Just eaten three massive samosas.

Most samosas eaten before 10am!



A while back I stayed in a flashy hotel in Munich that had many, many cuisines at their breakfast buffet. I think I only did one samosa though… so many congratulations.


Did you forget to pack enough?


I probably packed more than enough. Just fancied a bit of freedom.


Lonz I’ve just read the OP, why haven’t you left the house? Are you still under the weather?


I think all my PBs are behind me, Lonzy.


A bit, largely recovered. Just 500ml of mucus spat into the shitter this morning. Just been WFH, can’t face the drive and talking to people at the moment.


How about shortest time in the house? You could jump in and then out again.


Parkrun: 20:18
10km: 44:23
Half Marathon: 1:38:32
All you can eat buffet: 7.5 plates