I saw quite possibly the most annoying case of PDA last night. A couple, not super young but maybe like mid 20s. They were in a cocktail bar I was in and they were having a little peck between every 3 or 4 words they said. They were constantly only a few cms away from each others face at all times. They kept this up for around 1 and a half hours (we left, they didn’t stop).

The kissing noises were also very loud. They were sitting right next to us at the bar and directly in my eye line like peck peck peck peck peck They weren’t drunk, just annoying.

Also I saw a couple at the airport go to the toilet and were all like byeeeee i love you i love you too kiss kiss kiss and then they went to their separate loos and then after wards came back to each other and were all kiss kiss kiss hug hug etc. I thought they could be going separate ways at the gate but no they were on our flight together so no excuse

How do you feel about these things?


Someone is gonna wade here and say “live and let live, they’re not harming you, why can’t you just let people be?” and all that bollocks.

Ignore them, this kind of behaviour is unacceptable.




got thrown out of Opal with my ex for excessive PDAing in 2012.

all for it.


First couple: were their hands definitely above table level?



Always thought that deliberate PDAs* and other gestures of possession are a weird mix of arrogant and needy.

Fortunately, my girlfriend and I are in complete agreement about this.

*No, Theo, please don’t.


On the train recently, a couple sat opposite me, standard 30 something commuter types, spent the entire journey passionately kissing, found it really rude and made me pretty uncomfortable


Live and let live, they’re not harming you, why can’t you just let people be?


I actually think it’s wonderful, I like being reminded that people are in love and its important to savour the time we have together.



sounds vile


yes because they were holding hands


i dunno, you had to be there really.


we’d all just rather see people display hostility towards each other


Probably both had very dextrous toes, then.


Yeah they don’t like that in the Peter May.


I’d just think that was funny and leave them be


Is it one or the other?


no, unfortunately