PDC Darts World Championship

It’s the most wonderful tiiiime, of the year

Kevin Painter finding some form in the 2nd half of his opening match there. Who do we fancy to win it all? MVG? Anderson? Lewis?

Van Gerwen or Anderson will win it. Odds too low to back any of them. I won a massive £4 on Painter to win 3-1 earlier. Always a brilliant tournament and far outstrips The BFI where their world champion is guaranteed not to be the best player in the world. The PDC matches get more tense and exciting as the tournament goes on. The best of five first round usually lack the excitement.

I’m going on Saturday to Ally Pally for the evening session. Anyone else going to any of it?

wish we were going but garrardinho and myself left it too late/couldn’t find a date we could both do

i hadn’t realised the gap between the top and the others, thought there would be more quality in the opening round between the lower ranked guys. when van gerwen played last night he was SO far ahead of the qualifier he was up against it was unreal

Duh duh da duh da duh duh dadaa duh da duh dedadaduhhh OI OI OI

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i fear this would annoy me to the point of having less fun if i went to the darts

maybe i’m just a grumpy bastard

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Yeah but all the beer though

I’ve been about five times to The World’s at Ally Pally. I’ve been on weeknights and Saturdays but always had table seats and I’ve had a good time. A lot of the crowd play up to the drunken supporters/fans thing but overall it’s no hassle. Some dumb shits are to be expected like all big gigs/events but generally it’s a fun night out.

I went last night (Saturday) and had the side seats (no tables). It was shit. I had a scum football fan atmosphere last night. The table area seemed as expected a more calmer fun place to be at. Basic advice, get table seating and you’ll have a far better time.

I meant The BDO*. Probably auto correction when I typed on my phone. I’m not sure how good a BFI pub darts team would be, Nerdy film buff geeks might not make the best dart players.

Great comeback from Mervyn King tonight and then what a match between Cullen & Cadby. Quality dipped slightly after a scintillating start but when they were both averaging 108/109 it was ridiculous.

very much enjoying this match, looking forward to taylor v barney later too

lol MVGs voice

Anyone watching? MvG averaging over 115 after seven sets. Amazing.

If those that like averages in the mid 80s The BDO starts soon.

Only watched this matchup the whole tournament! Picked it right.

no chance is Van Gerwen 27, not having that

Barney loses 6-2 with a 109 average. Phenomenal standard.

It’s been a great tournament. The top two seeds play each other in the final tomorrow. Apart from the best darts match ever in the 2007 final between Barney and Taylor (Barney won), the semi final night has always been a more fun night to watch than the final. Nonetheless, a Anderson vs MvG final looks to be the perfect end to a brilliant tournament.

Yeah but annoyed to have missed practically all of it this year. Still as you say semi finals were great and final should be alright so not a total loss.

I’ve been watching since a little boy (I’m 40) and remember darts during the 80s. The standard currently is at its highest. Some amazing matches this year in The PDC. The Barney-MvG match was the best I’ve seen for years.

It’s still a 50-50 for me tomorrow. MvG you’d think is favourite for the title tomorrow after a phenomenal average tonight but Anderson is more consistent more often. Should be interesting and brilliant.

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absolutely cracking stuff this evening, very much looking forward to the final

No way is Anderson more consistent than MVG. At the World Championships maybe but not generally.

Come on MVG!