Peak District (talk to me about)

Due to work circumstances I have to spend a weekend up north in May (basically can’t be bothered driving back south in between two work trips). I’ve chosen the Peak District as it’s in between the two places I’m going to but ive never been before.

Tell me what I should do when I’m there please. I’d like to do a long walk (~4 hours), preferably not too hard going and ideally near some water. I’m also thinking about hiring a bike and cycling the Monsal Trail but I’m open to other suggestions.

(I’m staying in Buxton)


Buxton’s got a couple of breweries, i think. Thornbridge and another one.

Edale seems a popular starting point for lots of the walkers. Not a lot there, but loads of walking routes, etc.

Castleton and Hope are nice enough.

See if you can find an instructor to *ahem* show you the ropes climbing along Stanage Edge. You can do it without any previous experience and there’s plenty of good introductory climbs.

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Loads of great cycling, lots of nice walks and cafes and that round hope/Castleton etc. Great bunch of national park

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Hello, I live in the Peak District and I can confirm that it’s beautiful.

However, I’m afraid I don’t cycle so can’t help you too much on that front. Though the Monsal Trail’s a VERY good shout.

I advise you to visit the town of Matlock Bath. It’s like an inland Swiss/Victorian seaside resort with a river running through it. It has a small aquarium which is implausibly also a museum of holograms, and you can take a cable car to the top of a big hill and explore some caves.

Also, Dovedale is a great place for a walk, or just to chill.

If you’re interested in real ale, Derby has more real ale varieties on tap than almost anywhere else in the world.

Let me know if you’ve any more queries!

Buxton quite nice, and is a good spot to use as a base.

Matlock Bath and the Heights of Abraham are worth a visit (ideally not at a weekend, when they’re busy)

If you’re a fairly experienced walker, then Kinder Scout is a good climb, and Edale (where Kinder Scout, Mam Tor and a nice stretch of the Pennine Way are) as well as Dovedale are good for easy hikes.

Not interested in breweries unfortunately as I don’t like beer etc, but I’ll take a look arbitrary Edale, ta.

I have zero upper body strength. Nice pun though :+1:

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That’s two votes for Castelton/Hope, will check it out.

Matlock Bath sounds right up my street and I love a good cable car. Ta!

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it’s where the television series ‘peaky blinders’ is set

Depends what you mean by good walker. I did 12 miles yesterday but it was all flat. I’d like to do one of these, but I do get nervous about not being fit enough.

birthplace of britain’s first ESA astronaut

Are you just reading the Wikipedia page for the Peak District?

Evil Sean Adams?

famous for it’s duck dish which is eaten with scallion, cucumber and sweet bean sauce with pancakes rolled around the fillings. Sometimes pickled radish is also inside, and other sauces (like hoisin sauce) can be used.

Mam Tor’s pretty easy and has really nice views from the top, but it’s got a proper swirly wind

Chatsworth is amazing if you like stately homes. Or even if you don’t. There’s an exhibition on about fashion that’s just opened for the summer that I’m planning to go and visit asap

Yeah Matlock Baths is nice, there’s a great chippy there

Have we reached peak district?

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