Peaky Blinders (rolling)

An about-turn this series - a new love interest, everything’s still on fire for no reason and there’s some reet battlin’ with anyother gang o’ bad lads.

Still, Cillian’s great, in’t he, eh…eh?

nick cave

Shame the mad bro’s gonna be drawn back into it all from his idyllic life of rural-shite

Does @chintzylacroix still choose the music?

weirdly underrated programme, this

Anyone watch the S4 finale then? Cracking stuff.
Pity Adrien Brody was a bit pants all season, Tom Hardy absolutely destroyed him in their scene last week.

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Tom Hardy was so, so much better in this season than in season 2.

Loved it overall, what a great programme. Cillian Murphy is just incredible. Might watch 28 Days Later for the first time in a decade…

That plot-twist was a bit shark-jumpy though wasn’t it?

Assumed from the first episode that they were going to be putting the female characters front and centre, but that never seemed to really take off. Felt like the last two episodes were a bit too keen on scene-setting for the next series. Still enjoyed it though.

Does the actor who plays Orthur really have that heavy an accent? Would love it if he was actually all RADA in real life.

Might as well answer my own question. Apparently he’s from south of the river. The things these acty types can do eh.

I thought it was complete bullshit. The Changretta duel could have had a much better, much more believable climax. Too much happened in the episide, would have most probably worked better as an eight or ten episode arc.

I think it’s ran its course. Murphy being exceptional saves it. The other characters are a bit flimsy or overacted for me. Not sure the new big names added anything - Brody and Gillen were quite disappointing, unlike the last series, where Considine was excellent, and Neill before him.

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Agree with most of this.

Also, mafia only managing to kill one blinder irked me.

No they killed two. Oh hang on… we were just PRETENDING guys!

I am no drama critic, but this is exactly what I was thinking when I was watching last night. The whole plot of the whole series would have benefited from being strung out over the length of a US drama serial. As I said to Mrs F, if you don’t have that option then in the UK your other option is to manufacture a massive cliffhanger at the end of the run and continue the same storyline in the next series.

Here I apply the “Colin rule”, which is that if I can see the plot twist coming then it’s not a very good one.

Brody was fucking awful. As was Aidan Gillan - what was his accent even meant to be?

Otherwise a decent show, heavily style over substance but watchable fluff nonetheless.