Peaky Blinders

Anyone else think the final series was a massive, steaming pile of horse shite?

Generally enjoy it and think it’s been a good show (nowhere near Boardwalk Empire, like), but christ, that was a chore. The first episode was brilliant, then it fell off a cliff.

The dialogue, fucking hell. The American parts - shite. They completely wasted Stephen Graham. New son appears out of nowhere, piss off. Why’s everyone talking so slowly? Why’s everything on fire? Why are the gang who rule one of the biggest cities in the country permanently under a bloody bridge?

Do think yer man Murphy created a really iconic character, and the music was good, and there were some great female characters, the sets and costume, and think the ending of the second series was extraordinary, but they should’ve called it a day after Series 4.

Helen McCrory has been a big miss as well. Didn’t feel like the same show without her.

Expect it’s one of those programs people on here might be really snobby about.

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It wasn’t any good after they offed Sam Neill. But this series was a complete waste of time.

Think I’d argue that Series 3 with Paddy Considine was good.

finished it last night. yeah the latest season was easily the weakest. always going to miss helen mcrory as she was incredible throughout. and i agree on stephen graham, he should have been in far more of it.
The american guy whose name escapes me was boring and sam claflin just isn’t very good.
Man they all smoke a lot don’t they?!

Happy to hear gilla band in one of the episodes.

Watched the last episode today, it was fine blatantly all setup for the film. It’s actors having good fun. Think it should have ended after series 2 which I still maintain is one of the best series finale’s going. Bit too much I know where that is going on this series.

Can’t take this show seriously after seeing people dress like it in real life (seen one episode)


He basically admitted he was constantly rewriting it as McCrory got more and more ill, and it really showed. She left a big hole, not just as an actor, but as a plot focus. Surely the whole wtf of the Tommy vs Michael showdown was down to the fact that she wasn’t there to be the bit in common for instance.

I’m fine with Graham being a cameo fwiw and I think he unsurprisingly did it very well. Bring in Tom Hardy to chew the scenery a couple of times? Well OK if you must.

Did I miss what Finn did to get himself in the bad books? How exactly did they find out beardy guy was the informant? What was he informing on anyway? Yeah what was the point of that American guy exactly? What was Arthur saying (apply to whichever piece of his dialogue you like)? Still it was nice he got over all his problems so quickly at least. New kid? Yeah new kid? Quite.

And surely if that bomb was big enough to do that much damage to the bar then surely it didn’t matter whose car it was in, they were all toast.

Glad it wasn’t just me.

And I also enjoy thinking about the moment when he realised there was nothing at all he could do to resolve the Mosley storyline given that everyone knows he basically got clean away with it all and lived happily ever after.

I think another issue for me was always that Michael was always a completely unrealistic rival for Tommy. A man who nobody could kill, who’d seen off the Italian mob, the Russians, gone toe-to-toe with the IRA and murdered men with his bare hands in the war, versus his nervous well-spoken wetwipe of a cousin. Give over.

You’re forgetting that he grew a moustache. Man meant business.

Hi friend

I enjoyed it


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This is word for word my opinion on it

Was it the same where yous were that young lads all started dressing like them when the show was first popular? Was absolutely everywhere in Ireland

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It is still everywhere.

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My pal got started on by a prominent Gaelic footballer outside a nightclub for slagging him and his mates for all dressing like the peaky blinders

I like PB despite its faults (incredible overuse of slow motion) but yeah this season was odd

one of the highlights of the whole fucking thing. more slo mo please :slight_smile:



Some bizarre camerawork/direction going on these last couple of series that didn’t particular feel like there was a reason for it. Think it might have been in the first ep where it pans in with the crew looking down and they all look up at the same time that I properly laughed/cringed at. There was also weird scene with Anya Taylor-Joy’s character in that final episode that I just thought wtf. Thought she was terrible in this and particular ramped it up in this last series.

Definitely felt like a build up to a movie but as I put in the other thread, the final moment felt quite satisfying and it was the best of this series (which isn’t saying much)

Have a massive soft spot for Adrian Brody’s character in season…3?4?, unreal that was.

2016/17 is when the daftness of people dressing like them started. I hope the iconic Peaky Blinders bar was opened around that time (I was a year out with the bar 2018):

Weird as fuck.