🥜 Peanuts 🥜

Good, aren’t they. Great in their original form, as a butter, as satay, in a Snickers, just a good all-rounder.

Obviously the definitive ranking is Dry roasted>honey roasted>chilli>Salted>salt & vinegar.


Really love that he had a whole song written for this then caught sight of himself just as he was going on and couldn’t get through it.

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Don’t like peanuts
Adore peanut butter

What a strange yet alluring fellow you are!


i will eat almost anything even vaguely PB-associated

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I like peanuts but I don’t like peanut butter, fancy that!

Thank you!

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Peanut butter and chocolate together is gross but individually they’re probably my two favourite things in the world. Wow!

I’ve always said that peanuts are nice

They’re not even a real nut, or a real pea. I do like them, though.

Salted nuts are the best, big beats all the time.

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Got a free plate of peanuts in Madrid. Lovely stuff.


Top tip:

Feel like murdering me? And really who could blame you. Just pop a tiny bit of peanut into my food.


Might have some ‘Marrakesh spiced’ peanuts for a snack later as it goes.