Pearl Jam redux

I haven’t listened to them since 1992. I get the sense that they might be terrible. Am I missing anything?

Are you American? If not, no. If you are, they’re ok

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Vs. And Vitalogy are good. Bits of Yield. Otherwise nah.

I think they were pretty flawless up to and including Binaural, with Vitalogy and No Code being their two best albums.

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I am North American (other). Guess I should listen to one song.

Load of hurdy-gurdy flannel guff

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I still think that Last Exit through Corduroy on Vitalogy is a perfect stretch of music, and if the rest of the album had maintained that intensity it would have been considered a masterpiece. It’s so pissed off, and Eddie turns in an all-time great vocal performance.

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Lynyrd Skynyrd but in plaid shirts

Immortality is the best song on there and, apart from rear view mirror, their best song.

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Pretty much this, except i have a soft spot for Ten too.

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Oh I don’t disagree at all, it’s in the running for best song of theirs for me too. I should have been more specific and said there was a little bit of a lull in between Corduroy and Immortality, mostly due to Betterman. I’ve always felt that it never quite fit on the album - it kind of kills the otherwise unified mood and the momentum. If there were something comparable to the rest of the album in its place it would be perfect.

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Ten, Vs and Vitalogy still great. Getting patchy on No Code and Yield. Rubbish after that.

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Reminded me how great vitology is. Might pop it on soon if I can bring myself to take this minor pieces lp off.

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Rainy Saturday pm



Some days I like it. Has dated horrendously though. So much reverb.

Yeah that’s probably how I’d see it. Don’t so much need anything other than the first 3.

Just a Creed soundalike


Pearl Jam are not seen as good as they because of all the poor soundalikes that spawned in the 90’s. So many bands tried to be them and sound like Vedder.

You could always try listening to them since 1992 and making your own mind up about them?

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My favourite band of all time. DiS ran a contest in, I want to say 2009, where they were giving away some promo stuff signed by the whole band. Remember getting a PM from lukowski telling me I’d won because he’d noticed how active I was in Pearl Jam threads. :grinning: GBOLukowski.