Pearl Jam redux

See, this is where I’d get all Billy and The Ts and end up turning this into a 1000 reply thread if I had 1/10th of their tenacity.

Love the first few albums with the big hooks and big production but equally love the more esoteric output that follwed them, when they stopped giving a fuck and decided they wanted to be Neil Young.

Everythng up to and including Riot Act is top tier imo. The decline started with the self titled album and continued with the next two when, for whatever reason, they decided to hit the brakes on the experimentation and go full-on meat and potatoes dadrock.

Really enjoying this new one though.


Yeah the new one is good.

New album is great isn’t it, I never would have hoped they still had an album like this left in them. I’m surprised at the lack of love for Binaural, I thought it was quite well regarded, I love it (although I listened to a LOT of PJ Live albums around the early 00s so that may have filtered my viewpoint a bit).

I could definitely contribute heavily to a 1000+ post Pearl Jam thread I reckon.


Yeah, Binaural is great, I don’t get why so many people seem to hate it. I don’t think there’s a weak moment on it and it flows really well.

Underrated song here:


Listening to it for the first time in 15 years today, it’s way better and more experimental than I remembered. I think I subconsciously went off of it solely because this asshole I know really liked it.

The only very minor gripes I have with it are

  • there’s something about the way Eddie’s singing, like his voice is deeper and more detached?
  • I wish the drums were busier. Green Disease in particular could have benefited from Hail Hail style Jack Irons drumming.

You Are is so good.

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Up to 1/2 Full now, completely forgot it existed and was this good.

It’s near the bottom of my Tier 1 albums. I don’t think the production does it any favours (they sound like a totally different band*) but the songs are mostly good to great.

( * @ericVI - open goal for you there^)

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You Are is brilliant. One of their best deep cuts. I was thrilled when they played it at their last London gig.


I love it too – sounds like Pearl Jam doing a Soundgarden song, which it pretty much is considering Matt Cameron wrote it


Love Binaural as well, always enjoy listening to this album

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This was an album I didn’t get into at first, as it’s quite a bit slower than Binaural. After a few times and a few months from release I really got into it. Strangely, I really like Bushleaguer

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I never made that Matt Cameron / Soundgarden connection with that song, but that’s a great call. I can definitely imagine a modified version of it being sung by Cornell on the back half of Down on the Upside.

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I really like Bushleaguer too. I’ll always love them for going after Bush and the Iraq war when it was near career suicide to do it.

Yeah i like this album also. It was the tour i first saw them and really got into it ahead of that.

Just gets in the top tier pearl jam albums for me which is pretty good going.

Slight of Hand :+1:

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Love Pearl Jam, probably the band that made me a proper music fan more than any other. They still crush my stats due to all the years falling asleep with their catalog on repeat.

That said, i think Clairvoyants is the standout track on another album that isn’t really anything. Backspacer would have been a perfect moment to call it quits, the self-titled would have been bowing out with an incredible catalogue. Lightning Bolt was a step too far, and this feels like they’re having the same problem as R.E.M without the great last gasp.

But i would see them live any day any time. They still have so much to offer in that respect at least, and i can listen to this record without hating it, it just doesn’t really give me much to enjoy


I’m really liking the new album, it’s getting better every time and there isn’t a dud on it. The only criticism I have is that it doesn’t have that true knockout song.

It of course doesn’t have a single vote in the album of the month thread.