Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam UK tour announced. I know they may not be the most fashionable of bands but I’ve always found their discography pretty consistent with some absolute classics in each album and their ideas/values pretty sound (despite their perception as dad-rock/MOR).

Anyone trying to get tickets and if so, are you trying for more than one night considering the variation of set-lists?

Used to be the biggest Pearl Jam fan as a teenager, owned loads of their fan club only releases and everything. Missed their Cardiff gig because I had A-levels the next day, so went to stay with my brothers in London to see them at Wembley Arena the day after I’d finished.

Listened heavily to every album right up until that 2006 self-titled album where they started rocking out again and it just did nothing for me. Keep thinking I’ll get around to listening to their newer albums again, but it’s been ten years now…

Would still see live again though, great live band and still like (and know words to) enough of their songs that I’d love it.

Pearl Jam are great. For a long time they were my 2nd favorite band, and I’d say all of their albums are at the very, very least worthwhile. No Code is probably still my favorite, though whenever I hear the first half of Vitalogy (and “Immortality”) I start to wonder. As you said, they have so many absolute classics, and it drives me nuts that so many people dismiss them and consider nothing but Ten (or even just the singles from Ten) worth listening to. I wouldn’t even know where to begin with listing favorite songs by them, or even narrowing it down to favorites on each album. They’re great people too; they’ve always seemed to be fundamentally aware of and angered by injustice more than most and also very willing to use their status to fight it.

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Loved them up until Yield, and then holy shit they got really boring extremely quickly.

Haven’t listened to any of their albums since binaural (which is pretty good tbf) but never seen them live so quite tempted this time tbf.

Just London dates though :frowning:

Yeah - hardly a UK tour…

Still my favourite band of all time and that’s unlikely to change at this point. You can definitely use 2006’s s/t album to delineate between their run good-to-great records and their mediocre ones though. Hoping the whole Trump thing will help rejuvenate them a little.

Incredible live band - probably the best I’ve ever seen, or at least on par with peak E Street Band. Already got my tickets to see them in Amsterdam and twice in London next year and I can’t fucking wait.

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Ha sorry I’d had a few pints and saw an email come into my inbox about London and assumed there were other UK dates!

And on a Monday and Tuesday night too.

Was a big fan of PJ, but nostalgia isn’t quite worth adding rail fare, accommodation and time off work to the ticket price.

Tempted - only seen them once. Great live.

If you’re planning to watch the World Cup, England v Tunisia is on the Monday…

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