Pearl Jam

I dont really need to hear anything new that theyve done, never really felt the need to keep on with them after no code. I still consider them one of my fav rock bands (90s especially, but overall as well) based on their 90s output. i think it’s great they stiill put in work and release new stuff, more power to them.

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No Code

And that’s where I stopped.

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This is probably it for me as well.

Prob switch vitalogy and ten, but pretty much, yeah.

  1. vitalogy
  2. binaural
  3. no code
  4. ten
  5. yield
  6. vs
  7. riot act

All of which are really good fwiw. Everything afterward is not for me. Live stuff is always good.

Surprised to see binaural getting a hard time. Probably my most listened to at this point, it’s ace

Live on Two Legs is their best album guise

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hm never heard, generally not a fan of live albums, i will check it

No Code
Riot Act
Lightning Bolt

Think they have form for this. Recall a mate in the mid-90s from North Yorkshire being a big fan but feeling like their whole ‘We’re all about the fans’ thing had looked a bit rubbish when the only played Milton Keynes in the UK (or maybe that plus Wembley).

Well you managed to do Metallica and me with that one :smiley:

I think this is where we have to accept this forum is mainly the edge-case of fandom. I’d imagine those run-of-the-mill albums that don’t do anything new are what the majority of big band fanbases are all about: they mostly want to forget new music and enjoy something like they used to. I think the majority of my uni friends who I had a lot in common with musically I now have almost nothing in common with because they’re still into exactly the same Indie/Britpop sound. This is also probably why radio stations with tiny conservative playlists are so popular.

Most stadium bands are like that though, aren’t they? Very few big arena bands put out records that are critical darlings.

I was speaking with someone from the US about this trend and he said it wasn’t uncommon for people to drive hours to get to a gig in the US because it’s such a massive country, so they think people will ‘pop down’ in their cars (cheaper in the US as well). Whereas here my view is I won’t go to a gig in another city unless it’s a festival.

don’t disagree. bit sad tho isn’t it. music as a comfort blanket, as opposed to something forward thinking and exciting. still, i suppose it is a cruel cold world out there, we all need our avenues of solace.

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Vitalogy > No Code > Vs. > Yield > Ten > Binaural > the others.


In regards to ‘Ten’, do you prefer the original mix or the Brendan O’Brien remix?

The remixed version is my go-to Ten. Haven’t listened to the original in years.

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I’ve found myself going back to the original, to be honest. I really liked the Brendan O’Brien mix for a while, but then I found I sort of missed the more reverb-y original. And I guess that version is the one mostly baked into my brain from adolescence.

This is the case with almost everyone I know too. Actually, I can’t think of one person where this isn’t the case. Most of my friends are trapped in 1989-1992 (aka “there hasn’t been any good music since Appetite for Destruction / Dirt even though I’ve never listened to anything afterwards” / “Pearl Jam should have stopped after Ten”) and consider Radiohead a weird new band. And I have one friend who will try nothing new except for the latest dreadful 311 or Incubus album.

It’s impossible but I’m going to go on gut feel of the morning.

1a. No Code
1b. Vitalogy
2. Yield
3. Vs.
4. S/T
5. Binaural
6. Ten
7. Riot Act
8. Lightning Bolt
9. Backspacer

Ten is very hard to rate because I’m so sick of the singles, and with the exception of “Black” I was never super into them anyway. The fast stuff on it though and the back half are amazing. I really need to give Riot Act another chance though, I haven’t listened in ages.

No Code and Vitalogy are easily the best for me - I just wish Vitalogy’s second half matched the intensity of the first. That stretch from Last Exit through Corduroy is pretty much the peak. I’ve never been a big fan of Betterman and it’s always felt out of place on an otherwise very intense album. And Immortality is a best PJ song candidate.


Sorry but Ten below Binaural and S/T is clearly insane.

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Only listened to a few songs (from the debut, predictably)

Maybe I should branch out