Pectus excavatum

Got a (fairly mild) case of this. Annoying though. Makes my belly stick out more than normal so started doing exercises to try and reduce that.

Anyone else?

Thanks for reading.

I don’t have Pectus Excavatum but I half self diagnosed Diastasis Recti.

one of my ribs sticks out, that do anything for you?

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I thought you were just pleased to see me.

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Yeah I’ve got this.

It’s quite weird isn’t it? I think it must impact my lung capacity and explains my sub average fitness and sporting ability

Also, pectus excavatum sounds like a spell from Harry Potter ffs. Come up with a better name, boffins.

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Yeah it’s quite hard to tell. I only noticed mine relatively recently and fappable ‘confirmed’ it for me, hard to know what chests look like on other people.

But I’ve read that theres a correlation with connective tissue disorders and I got tested for Marfan syndrome as a teenager. Think they all but ruled it out (just based on xrays of my hand and stuff) but I’ve almost certainly got a mild version of it.

Sorry for the life story and thanks for reading.

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it me

you need to crack your joints now

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Good lad

I like it because when I push my palm into it it makes a fart noise.


Can I just clarify for viewers at home that it’s a vacuum effect through a palm/chest interface and not my chest making a noise when it’s pressed


I think it’s normally diagnosed in childhood. Although no one ever mentioned it to me despite numerous doctors looking at and touching my chest when using stethoscopes etc.


always thought I maybe had some kind of posture defect from slouching? not sure

like, even at my fittest, I’ve never had that sort of almost completely flat stomach some people seem to have

never knew if it was just me being inherently sort of stocky, or some back curvature thing

in short, idk maybe

My spine is hidden and my back dips in the whole way.

Lordosis, that’s it.

My friend Dave from school used to put cereal and milk in his sunken sternum at parties and have people eat it. Weaponise your shit, I guess?

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Do I not like that

Yeah, it was pretty… Yeah. But he thought it was funny, so I guess that’s cool?