Peculiar descriptions on café / restaurant menus


Went to Zizzi for a work leaving thing on Friday. There were at least two references on the menu to “Isle of Wight” tomatoes. Is this a post-Brexit thing? wtf? Is the Isle of Wight known for its tomatoes? @plasticniki ?



Feel free to add your own examples.


yes it is

also garlic


obviously not very well


shut the thread down, mods


‘isle of wight tomatoes’ sounds like one of those euphemistic descriptions of something horrible like rocky mountain oysters



there’s a whole bloody festival dedicated to it m76


you ever seen a vampire on the isle of wight? well there you go


Went to a pizza place in Quebec where the Quebecois menu had “brick” as a topping on one of the pizzas. Looked at the English equivalent and it was translated as… brick.

I did not order it.




Nadiya doesn’t look convinced



tbh the tomato thing isn’t really a “thing” on the isle of wight. the garlic thing definitely is though.


are there chilli farms there too or have i imagined that?


yep there’s a chili farm, it’s pretty good


absolutely can’t stand this sort of thing. I’d have already gone postal if I worked a @Epimer 's East Anglian place.


this is now the isle of wight facts thread

apparently david icke lives there


I can see the point of it if, for example, you’re on holiday in north Norfolk and the steak you’re eating is from beef reared in a farm just down the road, or something. It might not add anything to the flavour but it makes it feel local somehow. But this particular example is bizarre.


I literally could not give a fuck where the food comes from as long as it tastes good.

I realize i’m in the minority here though.


For me, Clive:

  • food that’s local: it’s quite a nice thing to know about, but it’s not a major selling factor. I can see why others would be into it
  • food that’s been subjected to thousands of food miles: doesn’t bother me as much as maybe it bothers others
  • Isle of Wight tomatoes: wtf


Until this thread Had you heard of Isle of Wight tomatoes or garlic

  • Yes I am from the isle of wight
  • obviously not

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