Pedantry it is worth bothering about


Diesel/petrol, because it’s a quick reminder to not put the wrong one in the car.

Draw/drawer, because fucking hell.

Week 2 Football Thread let's get on with it

Unpopular take: All of the things mentioned in the other thread.


I was going to say, it’d be funny if this thread gets like 1000000 replies and the other finishes at 10 or whatever.



Been mugged off many times at the promise of tiramisu to find myself in the Gobi.





Likewise that all expenses paid trip to a trifle was a proper letdown.


could of/could have, hate that


medicine dosage


Your sandwich / My sandwich


implied accuracy in significant figures


Child’s schoolbag/your parachute.


100.0000000% correct


*10 or fewer.


Tomato / Tomato


Let’s call the whole thing off.




NO :angry:


PIN number.

Had to dial into my firm’s conf call facility the other day and it asked me to type in my PIN Number. I am escalating this, it’s a fucking outrage. So angry man.


My boyfriend works in HIV research and gets so riled when anyone says the HIV virus.


The length of an ellipsis…