Pedantry it's not worth bothering about



Hypothesis/theory, this might have legitimate uses but on the whole I can’t be bothered hearing it anymore.


Week 2 Football Thread let's get on with it

bigbenisthebellnotthetower #whocaresmarckee


Literally/figuratively. Literally nobody cares, move on with your life.




Union Jack/Union Flag


To whom




but it is still good when someone points out that it’s upside down


Frankenstein’s monster


only if it’s a total racist who is flying it


Less / Fewer.

Doesn’t matter.


I should have qualified what i said with that, but it mostly is, isn’t it?


“Can I have a…”
– “May I have a…”


My mate and I / me and my mate

Give a fuck.


The most annoying thing about people getting annoyed at people using literally incorrectly is they think the person doesn’t know that is what literally means, of course they do that’s why they are doing it, for emphasis, imagine replacing it with figuratively it just doesn’t work


I am the opposite of this thread.


The gf thinks I’m subtly correcting her on this by replying “yes you may”, but I’m not. I can’t help being correct literally all of the time, GOD.


sure I heard recently (on radio 4) that less is really just as valid as fewer in those situations, i think the gist of it was because people have always used it as such


pointing out the popular name is actually the particular brand of thing

tannoy / public address system etc


Me & The King