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Recent pedantry you have:

  • experienced
  • or for which you have been responsible.


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When people prefix something with the words “I don’t like to be a pedant but…”, it means they’re relishing being a pedant in whatever they’re about to say.

An amendment made by a British lawyer to a British law document written in British English. Why???


Could be installing lots of gas meters?


You may have cracked it there…

I think I will respond by making “meters” a defined term, and defining it as “metres”. This is how lawyers get their lols.


I’m assessing a funding application with a colleague who wants to send feeback to them asking for loads of information we don’t need, won’t look at will just sit in their application form on our server for no reason long after they’ve spent the money. This is of no interest to any of you

I have found in the past few years that this applies to many things I have been asked to do. I have become wise to the fact and have saved myself a lot of time ignoring certain requests as I know that no one will read what I produce.

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I say this ironically; I relish being a pedant

Got a CV through this week from someone talking up her “polite, professional manor”. We’re not actually allowed to bin people off because of CV typos because there’s a chance it was the recruiters but it irked me good and proper.

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Maybe she’s from a really pleasant suburb where friendly doctors, accountants and solicitors live

I did try to give her the benefit of the doubt, but I think it said she approached problems in her manor which reminded me of that bit in Brass Eye where the pedophile dressed as a school.

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I have binned a CV which contained the phrase “good attention to detal.”


Pointed out that I wanted the font size on the ‘y’ axis on a set of graphs had to be size 8 instead of size 10.

CV pedantry is the worst. “Oh you’re applying for a job how could you possibly make a typo?” Get over it grandad no-one needs to spell anything any more and no-one else cares if they can.


Some twat at work has insisted that we now include the job number and reason for visit next to every location on the petrol expenses form. This makes filling one out a massive pain in the arse and is completely pointless.

If there was ever a need to find out the job number then it would be much quicker just to look up that one at the time its needed. Rather than make EVERYONE waste that time EVERYTIME they fill in a form.

I went for my usual approach when this sort of thing happens - ignore it. But Kat in accounts just returned the form unpaid!

One bloke put 10 digits in his reference’s phone number.

(I put 10 digits in your mum etc.)

Classic Kat

I just think you’re a self harming idiot if you’re ruling out possibly good or even brilliant candidates based on minor errors.

Edit: no slur on actual self harm intended

My brother kept correcting me for referring to something as ‘a kickstarter’ even though it was on the indiegogo platform