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Like I said, we don’t actually rule people out based on CV mistakes alone. Both of these clowns are getting interviews.

Bang on. People making a typo on their CV is not indicative of an inability to do a role. There are some exceptions of course (sub-editing springs to mind). What it is good at though is making people feel better about themselves because they’ve spotted someone else is poor at spelling. Who cares.

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I don’t think I belong in pedants corner.

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Anti-Polish racism, eh?


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People who correct Americanisms. Especially ones which are so well established in UK English that nobody even knows they’re Americanisms, eg HARassment / HarASSment

I’m a professional pedant, so I’ve no longer got any time for it in my personal life.

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first draft of blur’s country house needed work


I always say ‘sh’ for schedule and so many people don’t I get paranoid if I say it after them that they think I’m correcting them.

Sorry, I’m not into classic rock.

Actually I think you’ll find that Blur’s mid-90s output was classed as Britpop.

pedants’ corner


People who harassment make an ass of me and nt. And har.


I’m trying to work out if I can be bothered saying ‘criterion’ for when there’s only a single factor, instead of criteria.

I probably can’t.

Anyone saying ‘datum’ when there’s just one item - instead of data?

Data has become anglicised so I’d sack off datum. Same with forum.

In what circumstances would you want to use either data or datum to refer to one piece of information anyway. Wouldn’t you just say “that thing there”?

this datum point indicates

Don’t know, noise_ramones might though.

Topo surveys use datum point as a singular item a lot.

Could just use point.


That’s some impressive doubling down though.


he wanted to …make sure the copy was right?

clever pun, isn’t it? you missed out on a real go-getter there