Pedestrian crossings

Stopped at a pedestrian crossing while the lights are red (in my car) waiting for a family to cross. The lights are still red but the family has crossed, the cyclist cycles through technically on a red. How does everyone feel about this I regularly see it. Part of me is like of your trusting my eyes to see the lights then trust them to see the hazard has gone but it would be unacceptable for a car to do it?

I don’t like it and the people who do it are not that good.


It’s obviously a bit naughty, but a bicycle ain’t a car, is it


I don’t like it, but since moving to the netherlands where the road system just seems to be chaos and tolerance, I far prefer people chilling the fuck out and not getting so angry about everything


Is size relevant though in this matter?

It’s not about size. It’s about being able to move off safely before motorised vehicles get the chance to, which is why ASLs are really good (and that’s why it’s bad when cars and motorbikes think it’s okay to sit in them).

Obvs the majority of people who run reds are just doing it cos they don’t give a fuck though.


I don’t cycle but in most cases I don’t mind with that sort of crossing. Something feels nice about seeing someone waiting until it’s green though. I might be wrong about whether people should do it or not. I don’t think this is the death hill for me

Saw someone deliverooing their moped along the pavement yesterday. Even did a right angle round a blind corner of a building. don’t use deliveroo.

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Yes, in that a car is much more likely to hit someone and much more likely to injure someone if they do.

I do wish cyclists wouldn’t do it though as so many unrepentant car drivers use it as an excuse for opposing any attempts to make walking or cycling safer.


People shouldn’t go through red lights barring very, very particular circumstances

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Most of these delivery services on scooters drive really dangerously

A car is much more likely to injure someone and I would argue it doesn’t have as good field of view either, but I would argue there are some sacred road principles that shouldn’t be broken

The thread I’ve been waiting for. I caused a four cycle pile up at this crossing. Am I a monster?

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On a practical basis, I don’t have a problem with it, for most of the reasons mentioned by other people already.

I do think it’s a bit of a bad habit to pick up if you’re cycling, though - it’ll probably be fine most of the time, but then you might get sloppy over time, and accidentally run over a cat or something when not checking properly.

If you changed the laws so that red pedestrian crossing lights are the equivalent of a two-white lines at a junction, that could work.

I was cycling along a 20mph road at the weekend, and all the cars passed me at 30mph. Why is it that some people want to want to cause divisiveness in the road using community when all road users need to improve?

And surely if we’re putting efforts into improving road use, then maybe focussing on the big ton of metal might be our first priority?

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Hate cyclists doing this, but as someone who has to regularly jump out of the way of cyclists who have decided to ignore a red light and just try to weave through all the padestrians who are crossing and so narrowly miss a lot of people my opinion of this is somewhat tainted.

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String 'em up.

Properly boils my piss. Red for a reason.

the thing that annoys me most, more than close passing, more than speeding, more than seeing other cyclists run reds or being generally shit, is people using their phones while driving. one cycle home a couple of weeks ago i was behind a woman driving one of those small van type cars, she was going really slowly on a busy road coming up to the south circular, weaving all over the place. i was waiting patiently behind her but then decided to cycle along side her to see wtf was going on, when she noticed me and swerved right across the road and parked up with her phone on the steering wheel. twat.

then about 5 minutes later, along the south circular i counted 3 people all on their phones while driving. fucking cunts. it’s not like it’s a quiet street with no one on it, it’s a fucking main road.


Have you ever been driving at 4 in the morning and not seen another car for the whole journey, then get stopped by a red light and your waiting there for nothing! You want to go through it as there is nothing there, you know there is nothing there, you can see it, but you cant.

Liiike I cross on a red man if there’s nothing coming so its fairly similar to that so can’t really have a problem with it.

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That’s a gd point