Pedestrian crossings

But people would rather get riled up by a cyclist going through a red light. Astonishing.

Also, I’m not a fan of the suggestion that there are cyclists and car drivers without any crossover. Why does everything have to be black and white these days?

Yeah - people are gonna be twats regardless of what type of transport they’re using :man_shrugging:

I’ve not had the old YOU DON’T PAY ROAD TAX or YOU DON’T HAVE INSURANCE for a while. Love it when that happens. But yeah, I can drive but don’t have a car but the majority of people I cycle with own and drive cars probably more regularly than they cycle. It’s a made up war perpetuated by the media innit.

i just go through it. used to have an junction near to my old house where the lights were timed and in the dead of night it was infuriating, so would creep through if no one was around.

Annoying when cyclists do it when people are crossing/people are around, but appreciate I’m probably a hypocrite. My main beef is just that it doesn’t set a good example to anyone around.

As a cyclist I never ran red lights.

In Leeds I see far more cars running red lights than cyclist. Almost every journey I make I will see a car running a red, normally while speeding or dangerously tailgating.

Make of this what you will.

Sheffield > Leeds


Big fan of Sheffield tbh

It may be confirmation bias, but I’d estimate that about a quarter of the vehicles I pass, or who pass me on my commute are being driven by people on their phone.

Because the road network is set up for the use of cars, and not multiple, vulnerable users. But, as you rightly said underneath this point, why focus (and target) the most vulnerable users when it’s the 4 tonne weapons that are actually the most dangerous

The organisation that decided to put that cycle lane there must be staffed entirely with halfwits.

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Really enjoying the mental image of a cat waiting for the green man/cat light to come on.

Was once hit by a cyclist on a crossing when the light was red and they’d just assumed no-one was coming. Anyone who does this is a prick.


My friend does have bike insurance for accidents, he said it wasn’t even that expensive. When he was cycling home he clipped a car wing mirror ( the car was part to blame too, stopped at lights in front of him purposely not leaving much space for him). The women got out and shouted at him, he cycled back said there is no damage and I have insurance as well, apparently the women didn’t know what to say and just got back in the car.

I would assume that most regular road cyclists have public liability insurance; in fact you normally can’t join a cycling club without this cover, and it’s also recommended for regular cycle commuters. I think I pay a tenner a year for mine?

Citation needed. I’ve never even heard of it and I’m fucked if I’m getting it.

I was wondering this. Not really well known. I’ve never had insurance (rather stupidly as I used to be way more of a bike wanker than PN), but then I never felt the need to

“regular road cyclist” = pretty much talking about members of a cycling club here tbh

So a person who cycles to work every day, but isn’t a member of a club isn’t a regular road cyclist?

i reckon if you cycle to work every day you’d probably have contemplated getting some sort of public liability insurance*, or you’d at least be aware of its existence, or maybe have it through BC membership / local cycling groups / bike insurance already or something

*if the commute’s long enough


What’s bike club?

I regularly see cars, and even vans and trucks too, doing the same thing but people only seem to notice when it’s a bicycle. It’s very odd.