Pedestrians keeping left: a dying art?

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So that you have better access to commence swordplay? Bring it back I say (and fuck the lefties!).


You know, like if you’re going up/down a pedestrian bridge at a train station: 50 people coming down, 50 people going down, everyone sticks vaguely leftish and it should all work ok.

You feel me?

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Absolutely a dying art and it drives me mental mate


Where do pedestrians keep left?

Pretty lawless on Regent’s Canal. I try and keep on the left hand side when I’m cycling. End up doing a lot of slaloming.

So 100 people travelling in the same direction?


where do they? nowhere
where should they? anywhere they are pedestrianing


^blinded by LONDON


50 PEOPLE COMING UP (on drugs)

Think 50 of them are just sitting on the stairs after a couple of nights on the pills.

The other 50 are giving blowjobs / cunnilingus

Snoop Poopy Scoop Scoop

and when they were only halfway up they were neither up nor down


YES!!! See you between platform 7 and platform 1!!!

Fucking Ely station is a den of iniquity.

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N/A: Ely has an underpass my friend.

How do you access and egress said underpass, if not for stairs?

Without any stairs?

In answer to your question:

  • people on that bridge tend to keep left. But I think it’s fair enough to have (effectively) three lanes of people going up the stairs and one going down when there are so many people trying to get off the platform
  • people on the street generally don’t give a fuck about the left or the right.