Pedestrians keeping left: a dying art?

slope innit

Prove it

I can back him up on this. It’s GNARLY.

An underpass linking platforms 2 and 3 > with platform one leads to the station building and the exit.

not just about that bridge, but seeing as we’re discussing it, I’d agree that although more will stick left than come down to the right, increasingly I’m seeing people sticking to the right, even if there’s a big group of lefties coming up (corbyn! etc).

But it’s generally applicable to other situations too. Eg, if you’re on a narrow street, with one other person coming towards you, it USED to be the case that people would veer to the left to avoid collision. Increasingly, people seem just as likely to head to the right instead.

Same applies to cyclists on cycle paths etc. STICK LEFT EVERYBODY!!!

Have you considered putting up posters in your local area detailing your vision for safer passage?

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Balonz, would you like to stay over for one of my lectures?

You needn’t ask so formally.

Can I not sleep in the underpass (centrally, allowing everyone to pass me on their right)?

On the escalators in Waterloo the non walkers tend to stick to the right and let the ppl in a hurry go on the left. Absolutely the correct etiquette.

It’s almost like there’s a sign there telling them to do it that way…


Interesting theory

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the whole country’s shifting to the right, m8


(This is Gorillaz: Dare, obviously.)

Does my fucking swede in that people don’t don’t do this. While we’re on the subject. What about pricks that stand still on the left on an escalator.

surely doesn’t matter unless there’s someone in front of you standing still on the right

But there is. All the people that don’t want to walk up the escalator are stood still on the right. The left is clear for people to walk up. Until one chuckle head decides to stand to the left. So there is no way past.

People in Scotland don’t know how to use escalators correctly

This is a genuine thing in Oz, or Brisbane at least. In London it’s just the ol’ tube, but here it’s pavements in general.

It’s a really good thing.


Cos they never leave space to get by and when you say ‘excuse me please’ to try and get by they give you a look of disgust as if youre standing there with your willy hanging out

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