Ever had a pedicure? I haven’t, but that is all due to change soon.

Apparently quite common to do in this country if you do a lot of sports. I’m just genuinely curious as to what an expert will make of my ugly feet that have never been maintained by anyone other than me. I’m imagining gasps of horror, will probably get professional indifference.

Anyone here had one before?

  • I’ve had a pedicure once and I liked it
  • I’ve had a pedicure once and I didn’t like it
  • I’ve had a pedicure once and I was indifferent to the experience
  • I’ve had multiple pedicures in my lifetime
  • I regularly have pedicures
  • I have never had a pedicure, nor would I want one
  • I have never had a pedicure, but I am curious
  • I have never had a pedicure, but I am tempted to try it
  • Other

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Are there different types of pedicure, like massages?

Never had but long for one

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been planning on getting one for ages, my feet are unacceptable


I’m curious as to how much of a difference it could / would make, or if I’d come away not really being able to tell the difference.

No but as previously stated on here I have just invested in a foot rasp.

it’s probably a relaxing experience either way

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Tell me if it’s tmi but you can slice off the rough skin with a knife and it’s really horrible but good

Been thinking of having a pampering day after lockdown so that might be involved

Please don’t touch my feet

Are these good?



The idea of someone touching my feet makes me deeply uncomfortable.

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Would be worried about accidentally kicking them in the face.

Also my disgusting feet.

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Still baffled by how they became so popular and how long it took before they were shut down for hygiene reasons. Properly grim

Never had one but I do it myself, I have one of those nail file blocks with a buffer etc, some vitamin e oil and the occasional foot mask (the socks with cream in it not the peely one, I did it once and it was traumatic). There is a korean cafe I like that does really good taro bubble tea and cheesecake that has a nail salon behind it, I kept meaning to go but never did. One day

Feet just take care of themselves, much like hands

You’re thinking of cats

Think if I got a pedicure I’d kick the person in the face by accident out of having Very Tickly Feet

feet are gross

My former colleague told me once that she never cuts her own toenails and has a pedicure whenever she needs it done. She was saying she hoped she could get an appointment for that day because her toenails had got too long. I thought that was a bit weird, just trim them yourself if you can’t find someone to pay to do it for you

Someone at work overheard me booking my pedicure before my holiday and called me cheap/stingey! How fucking rude.

Mainly because I just want them to paint shellac on and not do the rest of the stuff. It’s still the same price!