Someone at work overheard me booking my pedicure before my holiday and called me cheap/stingey! How fucking rude.

Mainly because I just want them to paint shellac on and not do the rest of the stuff. It’s still the same price!

I’ve had a whole two pedicures in my life and would like another one when lockdown is over. I think everyone worries that their feet are gross and the pedicurist will recoil in horror but they’ve usually seen worse.

I’m dead ticklish but it was mostly fine, they mainly focus on the non-ticklish part of your foot cos that’s where the hard skin is.

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They’re still around, especially popular in Asia for some reason.

dont think they really fed the fish properly either, fucking horrible stuff

wonder how shes getting on in lockdown

They think I’m being tight by just getting the nails painted rather than the whole shebang! But the whole shebang isn’t great for me there as they get the cheese grater out. I’m only going for a pedicure if i’m getting a full on foot massage with it OR IT AINT WORTH MY TIME.

Also these people know me. I’m not the £6 toast girl at work, I’m the £10 lunch girl!

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Wouldn’t mind getting myself a pumice stone. We always had one in the house when I was younger, but you don’t see them so often these days.