Pedro the Lion



Good gravy I hope they find their way over to the UK.


David Bazan. What a legend! Would love to hear him live with some good old guitar noise, I must admit. His Curse Your Branches solo album really resonated with me after he packed up Pedro too.


Did anyone give the Lo Tom album a go? It wasn’t amazing, but very easy to listen to.


Love Pedro the Lion. Would totally be up for some UK and Ireland shows.


yeah, i feel the same way, pleasant enough but oveerall fel a little too relaxed and unraw, and i had hoped for more. i wish him happiness but feel hs ouput is better seeped in misery.

I’d pay topdollar for a london gig playing control and a couple of older tracks. that said i think lasty years album was the best output under his own name, trouble with boys is a beaut. I’m holding out for another overboard album as well.


Love me some Pedro the Lion.

Control and Winner’s Never Quit are classic. Whole EP as well.

always happy to drown out to Rejoice on any given crappy day


Uuuummmmm, guys…




well this is exciting news for a friday morning! I would be happy to hear a new Pedro the Lion LP. Would jump at the chance to see him again also - he was excellent the last time i saw him.

Absolutely love Winners Never Quit…may have to dig it out when i get home.