Pee chart thread (lockdown edition)

i hope you all are hydrating properly. it’s especially important at a time like this!!!

  • transparent
  • lemonade
  • light beer
  • amber
  • burnt orange
  • fuck off, pee weirdo

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how would you say your hydration levels have been since lockdown?

  • better than usual
  • worse than usual
  • same

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extra reminder for @shrewbie to drink a glass of water

I wouldn’t drink that light beer!!!?!1


funny you should say that cos I’m on meds now that are extra dehydrating

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been absolutely terrible since lockdown. coffee all day then a cheeky beer or two in the evenings. what about good old fashioned h20 eh!?!


i prefer a stronger I.PEE.A. hahahah


(i don’t drink pee)

Been pretty clear since I ran out of berocca

Not a wee-eat beer?

not for me, thanks

Think my mouth must be incorrectly calibrated though cos it’s always dry and I’ve never had a burnt orange piss in my life

Enjoying not chugging through 15 coffees a day at work tbh.

i’m sitll doing this :frowning:

Tend to drink too much coffee in the morn so it’s a slow transition from top to bottom of the scale as the day wears on.

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i think that’s acceptable. swings and roundabouts isn’t it

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Since getting gout 6 weeks or so ago, my hydration has been impeccable. Lots of water.

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Made me realise that I probably don’t really like coffee, and only drink it at work cos someone else is putting the kettle on. Definitely getting used to having a 2pm beer though, whoops.

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This had inspired me to drink a pint of water prior to my fourth coffee of the day.

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Just emptied my bladder. We’re talking 100% lemonade.

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Get through about 4 litres of water a day at work and I still get dehydrated a lot. Weird.