Peeling questino

How do you peel with one of these?

  • Push it AWAY from me
  • Pull it TOWARDS me

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eyyy questino!

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Questino Aguilera

I find it depends on the shape of the questino


This is now the filth thread


really don’t like them though

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what, questinos?

that style peeler

Just casually slice it off with a well controlled knife? I hear ya

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depends on the task at hand, but yeah sometimes

Left to right?

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perpendicular? You have more supple wrists than many

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when i discovered pushing it away it was a revelation. people even comment to me that i’m doing it wrong lol.

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so much easier. Zero chance of peeling injury. Welcome to the peeling revolution.

How the heck do you push it away idgi

I feel a bit bad for people who pull towards them.

hold it upside down

Just put your lips (peeler and item to be peeled) together and blow push)

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