Peep show appreciation thread (with clips)


Definitely the greatest comedy of the 00s, innit.

Fave episode is probs the one where jez gets to to do the Honda advert music. Wish there was more gog cuz he’s low key one of the best characters on the show.






Think of this during most social outings, tbh:


such a fair point too tbh



This episode’s very underrated, basically every line is endlessly quotable


‘Some of it was just so Rainbow Rhythms and some of it was just so not Rainbow Rhythms’.


as if the ‘nice little relaxing smoke of crack’ scene has been blocked in my country on copyright grounds by Channel 4


“Oh I’m Mark, I’m in the eighties, I’m dying of heroin in a puddle in the corner in an advert.” Drugs are fine, Mark, everyone agrees now. Drugs are what happen to people and that’s fine, so shut up.


you can’t imagine your mom having sex with a black man? that’s pretty racist, jeremy


Mark’s face here:

The way Johnson pronounces “Frankfurt”:

The pub:


the bit where Johnson gets Mark to do the gears in his car is beyond incredible.


what do you see? what do you actually see in her? Compared with a super model like Giselle? Or any of the other super models.


power point, excel and word. the 3 amigos.



Jesse Armstrong who co-wrote Peep Show has a novel out called ‘Love, Sex and Other Foreign Policy Goals’ about an amateur theatre group that tries to solve the Bosnian Civil War. A lot of the humour is quite similar to the show and it’s overall quite good.


Really find Peep Show hard to warm to. Like it was amusing when it was on but thats it