Chicago gruff yet melodic punks Pegboy (ex Naked Raygun) are playing their last 2 dates of their first UK tour in 32 years

Southampton Suburbia - Mon 7th Aug
London New Cross Inn - Tues 8th Aug

Been wanting to see these guys for years so making the trip down to Southampton tonight

Mate of mine saw these at Rebellion over the weekend, apparently ‘they had a load of tech issues and the singer was knackered, still half decent though’, not the most detailed review I’m afraid.

Would have loved to have seen them on this tour but don’t think they came anywhere near me sadly.


How was the Southampton show?

Shit. Completely missed this thread!

But was away anyway. Love this band - ‘Superstar’ was on one of my favourite skate videos as a lad. Remember asking my dad to get me a Pegboy T-shirt and he was like “errr, no”.

Was halfway through this segment.

Southampton on a Monday night turned out to be about 30 people and a dog but still a great show. Think they were close to cancelling but Larry still the consummate showman and tearing it up on stage.

GBOL too - gave the Haggerty Brothers a quick lift to their van so that they could flog shirts back at the venue. Gave me a bunch of merch for me and my two kids and refused any payment - my youngest is currently wearing a Pegboy tshirt as a maxi dress!

Club was like something out of Grand Theft Auto with all the neon signage!

Photo below (not mine) from London which looked a ton busier.

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