Pen pal tales

Did you ever have a pen pal, was it good? I had a french one when I was about 13, Natalie F**m*m. She sent me the first letter, it was water marked with an image of two people snogging the face of each other I think. I never replied, really sorry about Natalie, I wish I had replied and kept in contact though

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Is it really a pen pal if there was only ever one letter sent?

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Yeah, we were forced to go it at school, had two at various points, one a kid in America, one in Spain.

The one in America (maybe Mikey?) lived in a trailer and had a tonne of cats. That was about all I could make out because his hand writing was so atrocious.

The Spanish one was from Zaragoza, and devoted much of his letters to showing off his graffiti tags. I tried to respond in kind but my heart wasn’t in it.

is spammer a more accurate term then?

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I just remembered, my big sister’s friend’s boyfriend took the time to write to me and I never replied to that either, I’m an awful human.

Did you correspond in spanish?

No, his English was pretty sharp (and his handwriting infinitely better than the other dude), which I felt kind of bad about but I spoke zero Spanish so it would have been all graffiti tags otherwise.

I was supposed to write back in French I think, although I never did.

I’m not sure. I’ve never had a pen pal - a girl did once write to me asking if I was her boyfriend’s father, but I ignored it (I was about 21 at the time).

I think Natalie F**m*m fancied you.

what an opener to a pen pal friendship that letter would be

I’ve never had one

My mum is still writing to hers though - they did a French exchange when they were teenagers (I’m not sure what came 1st the letters or the exchange) and they are still in touch nearly 60 years later.


Oh definitely. She’d never seen, heard or read anything I wrote but nonetheless I think you’re right, my name and address alone are very sexy.


this is nice story, have they ever met?

i used to have loads. guess i forgot about them all :confused:

yes - they did an exchange and stayed at each other’s houses when they were teenagers

I’m not sure if they have met as adults

sorry, I’m not sure how i managed to read you’re first sentence and then just forget that I’d read it, doh.

you wouldn’t have forgotten about them if they were letter-writing burritos

most of them were girls. think it’s pretty safe to say that i’m more interested in girls than burritos.

I’m replying to ever post in this thread to make up for all those letters I never replied to (3 of them that I can think of),