✏ NaNoWriMo


I always fail, literally always. Anyone else done this? Or will try? Also any tips pls

For those who don’t know btw it’s national novel writing month where people try to write 50k words in a month


50,000 novels in a month? alright dame barbara cartland.


Fixed it :sweat_smile:


what do you reckon that is in pages? I haven’t written anything in years so have no context



A fairly thin paperback’s worth I think! The first Harry potter is 76k so a bit smaller than that. Tbh most novels are 50-100% more than that but 50k is a really good amount!


that seems super intimidating! Don’t know how anyone writes novels to be honest, they must all be geniuses.

Used to write a bit of poetry back in the day, wish I could do so again but it would be laaaame no doubt


Every year I think I’d like to give this a go, but only remember it’s happening after November has already started.

It’s a huge undertaking, would be gutting if you got to day 20 then realised it was all total garbage


I tired back in 2010. Managed 35k words on a story that ended up fitting into a three novel structure, each titled “Ill” that’s “ill” in lowercase Arial, FYI), “Aviator” and “Years”.

Guess what? I still want to finish it.
Guess what? It is waaaaaay too ambitious.
Guess what? Maybe one day I’ll do it.


It’s good to try! And everyone sees them differently, there are some poets on Instagram or whatever that are doing so well and I literally don’t get it but so many people clearly do


I’ve never done it but I do like writing and I need a bloody good kick up the arse. Been wallowing for almost a year.
I think I’ll make myself finish my (long) short story this month. It’s set in November too coincidentally.
Come on!


I’m on the last chapter of a Sci fi novel I’ve been working on in the school holidays for the last four years.


Writing anything in a month seems tough


I’ve been dragging my feet over writing a 300 word review for 5 days so I’m not sure I fancy my chances with this.


Could be worse: could’ve been a 5 word review and 300 days of feet dragging



I can’t do this any more bc of my wrists but I did it when i was 17 although i basically cheated by writing a load of shite for the last 40000 words and putting in lengthy descriptions of album covers to pad it out.

Might try and write a few short stories this month though as a more manageable task.


If I can get myself started tonight, I’ll do this.


I’m actually currently commissioned to push out something like 30,000 words, although it doesn’t have to be in this month. Don’t fancy my chances in that timescale tbh, although I could give it a go.


Always wanted to try this but have never had an idea I reckon I could run with. I’m not sure if I need a trigger to for a basic synopsis to come to me, or whether I should simply just sit down and brainstorm some ideas. How does it happen for others? Do literally start with “I want to write a story with a sassy robot” and go from there?

It does seem like a massively daunting task, even for a simple short story.


I’ve always had an idea and used the month as an excuse to write it