Penoid thread #pisstakingmandatory


How’s your penoid life doing these days?

I might go to a card game tournament this weekend. Might not, because it’s in Reading.


Are you sure you don’t want to visit a train station disguised as a city orbited by Theresa May supporters?


It’s right on the cusp of my cba radius, distance-wise.


Pre-ordered the classic wood elf blood bowl team
Painting up a load of classic skaven and lizardmen metal models to play a bit of the new skirmish rules
Played total war for about 13 hours straight yesterday
Tempted to buy a new 40k army but I spent about £270 on the last one and have used it twice (partially painted)


It’s very easy to get to


Two and a half hours door to door for me. Cba.


Other than comics, my penoid game has been weak of late. I’ve barely thrown a die or turned a card, let alone placed a counter.


Doing three nights of Penoid fun this weekend.

Just rolled up a DnD 5e Barbarian for a one-shot.


I lost one of my favourite dice in Stirling last week. Not sure when I’m going to get over that.


Alright @discobot

roll 4d12


Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.


A rolling die gathers no (stirling) moss?


Been a while since I’ve 'noided up properly. Sister-in-law is coming to visit next weekend so will probably bust out Race For The Galaxy at some point.




I played Top Trumps on the train on Friday.

That’s pretty much the same thing at netrunner, right?


halfway through Divinity Original Sin and wondering if I’ve spec’d in the wrong direction as I have two virtually identical tanks :frowning:


Yeah basically.


Excellent. I was feeling a bit left out of your club.


Played quite a lot of Dominion and 7 Wonders last Saturday. Was great.


Do you have Roll for the Galaxy too? I think I prefer its systems to Race. Plus, the quality/durability of the components is super impressive.