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where are the (great) ears??


Your defence is terrified





Link is nearly on 100 clicks - is there a badge for that?


Yo @penoid any hot-scoops as to whether Lemonade is coming to Spotify at any point?


still a tidal streaming exclusive, i think (purchasable on apple and amazon).
beyoncé/jay-z joint album coming next year, maybe get yourself a free trial around then (they do 3 month ones) cause you can bet that’s not going to be on apple music either.


:thumbsup: Cheers Noidzy. Got to be honest I’m fuming about all these platform-exclusive releases. It’s all nonsense innit.


yeah it is. enjoyed when kanye said pablo wouldn’t be on apple, then they offered him enough money and it appeared, but then just before frank ocean’s album came out he went all ‘APPLE/TIDAL BEEF IS KILLING MUSIC’ and told apple they need to just buy tidal or whatever :DD


absolute cunt behaviour innit. I was dead keen to hear the new Frank Ocean, but the silly prick being coy with his stuff has put me right off.


It’s on Spotify now (haven’t got into it yet though)


I refuse to listen to it, man. and I’m not for turning on this one


I guess the answer is no then. Shut 'er down!


strikes me as sheer, sheer arrogance.