Penoids, what the hell are esports?



applying for a job working on some content about gaming and they’ve asked me about my favourite games, my steam ID (fine) and my knowledge of esports. what the hell are they/how should i blag it? is this like ant’s game?


Sounds like you’re not qualified for this job.


electronic sports


I think its just the JD was written by a Spanish person


This is the world we live in now


shit for twats


Competitive multiplayer games, usually team based. League of Legends, DOTA2, StarCraft II, that kind of thing.

Look at the amount of money and spectacle involve in the world finals of things like this and be amazed.


Look at this shit: regional teams with players payed full time (not just winning prize money).


Great, isn’t it?


Load of Eastern Europeans and Asians having far too much time on their hands.


Yeah, I was using “shit” in a very generic “thing I cannot be arsed to further identify” kind of way.


Here you go

Since this thread I must confess that I watched the Rocket League world championship…


they are completely baffling to me



I can’t imagine ever watching them myself, but that’s the same for many sports.


Playing fifa and stuff competitively innit


Welcome to my reaction to the back pages of every newspaper.


Can I despair instead?



Doesn’t work.


Just style it out.

I’m with you.