People angry at bootstrap websites


Quick question:

I always wondered what that kind of page was called. They really are everywhere. Probably because they’re perfectly fine?


Is fine good enough for you, HYG?




Me too.


good stuff!


I used to dislike *bootstrap, then i realised quite how much time it saves me, now I don’t know how I lived without it.

*any web framework


into your favorite search engine, like Yahoo! or Bing


Excellent burn.


I find them irritating because they are so similar. It feels like someone has no idea what to say about the website they’ve made or no real idea why they’ve made it.


Most websites aren’t trying to like express themselves though, they have a specific purpose and a bootstrap template is just an easy way to go about it.


But this isn’t really an excuse for this. I mean it may be hard but then you can extend that to every part of your business, e.g. business cards, branding on a van etc. I’m not saying it’s wrong to do that I’m just saying that as a consumer it makes your content stand out less and seem less interesting.

It’s easy but it’s still customisable. Part of the point that site is making is about how people not only use it but they don’t even bother to consider if they need ‘four things’ in that block. It has a purpose but then so does an instruction manual and there are good ones and there are bad ones.

When I talk about a website talking about itself or why it’s made I mean it lacks any sort of specific feel for what it’s trying to achieve.

People are welcome to use it. I’m not tired of it to the point where I’d made a parody Boostrap I just don’t really like it very much.



At least it’s a decent template that people can’t make a horrible mess with easily.


All design can be done on Paint and Word, you don’t need all this expensive stuff. I can knock something up in my lunchtime.


Okay step back here.

Your response to my “I think this template is lazy and soulless and thus not really a fan of it” is to suggest I should feel differently because it was probably knocked up by some guy who didn’t give a shit for a mate who didn’t give more than a few beers’ worth of shit?

I mean basically what is it you’re defending? The reasons have no bearing of the aesthetic here, although I like to think you’d be defending countless identical PHPNuke websites from this same sort of criticism back in 2000.


Hah not Wordpress templates. Was continuing the theme of people assuming these things are a piece of piss and take five minutes.


Joke? This is my life. I might just cry.

Also making Wordpress sites for voluntary groups I am/was involved with and getting it all clean looking and stylish and conforming to disability accessibility standards and working on phones, tablets etc (kind of important if you’re supposed to be radically accessible) handing it over, training some people up to update it and providing a design spec sheet and templates, and within months it’s full of tacky pop up photo galleries, ms paint art, and a wild selection of fonts and text sizes with half of the original artwork gone.

Following instructions accurately is an underrated skill.


Almost as bad as click-to-enter splash pages. Fuck off!


The site I built at work uses Bootstrap, but not that template. Looks alright, pretty tidy, stuff lines up and resizes for different screen sizes so does the job for me.

Hired a few new people for one particular project and they’ve convinced the lead dev/manager to use Bourbon Neat instead. Seems OK from the 10 seconds I spent looking at it, always makes me think of biscuits though.


Wish the frontpage of DiS was made in the bootstrap era.