People are doing fancy dress at work today


Not a fan of fancy dress anyway but just seems utterly pointless to be sat doing your job dressed as Indiana Jones or something. It’s fine if you’re in a job that deals with the public, but sat in an office

ever done it?


fancy dress is always utterly pointless.

literally the worst thing in the world. No exceptions.


fancy dress AND halloween. the ultimate cunt combo


EVERYTHING is pointless

folk are just trying to have a bit of fun ffs


yeah, but people who do the fancy dress are really pushy if you don’t dig it. in my experience, anyway

‘oh…you’re soooo boring’


Working from home, wearing fancy dress of ‘shirtless man in old pyjama bottoms’


have a gig tonight in a crypt that says fancy dress is mandatory.

just going to go in normal clothes.
it’ll be dark anyway.



but there’s a line between not participating in something and being a total disser about it and trying to suck the fun out of every attempt at brightening our completely shit lives


People who properly go for it I find a bit tiresome, but I do find it funny when people make a really half-arsed attempt at getting into it. Last office I worked in, for Hallowe’en dress down a guy came in with Dracula facepaint, wearing a Lonsdale tracksuit.


is it a Rocket From The Crypt gig?


Are you dressed as a sexy cat today, by any chance?



no; lice, bad breeding & van zeller.


I’m a sexy eleven from stranger things


I wish I had the photo, but at my old job they had a Halloween dress up day where only the secretaries participated. But by lunch time one of the senior partners was feeling left out and nipped to the Tesco across the road and bought a child-sized vampire cape and mask so he could join in.

The photo of him really going for it while the other costumed people look really embarrassed - all set in a bland, beige office - is one of the unintentionally funniest things I’ve ever seen.


Fancy dress for kids - big YES.
Fancy kids for adults - fine if you want to but don’t make me do it (although I did enjoy going to flashy bar dressed as the dude).


Halloween is good, fancy dress is good. If you don’t want to participate then no one should make you feel awkward about it though as that’s a cunt’s trick in general.

Going to see if I can pick up a Halloween outfit for offspring II this afternoon. Offspring I already has hers sorted - zombie nurse. She originally wanted to be a dragon nurse, which although great child portmanteau thinking, I thought might be a bit traicky to pull off successfully.


I’m going as a slutty me.


Totally agree. It’s very Wernham Hogg.

I don’t mind a bit of fancy dress at other times; though I always try to make my own costume. Don’t really see the point in forking out £40 at Party World to look like Captain Whathischops from the Pirates Of The Caribbean franchise.


Your legs look fabulous


I know babes, I know. It’s all the cycling. Love you :kissing_heart: