People are gross (ROLLING)

A place to list where you see people at work or anywhere else doing things that are just gross and make you think wtf.

We have a small mug full of hot water in our kitchen at work that you put the teaspoons in. To kind of keep them clean so you can just grab a spoon, do your tea and put it back in the water. This in itself is slightly grim I find but I tolerate it.
Anyway, today I go to get a spoon out and the water is browny red. Some pleb has put in a fork which is covered in what looks like bean juice? and its just stewing in the cup full of spoons and theres all food bits floating about.


Also before the christmas break we had a little lunch buffet party. Some idiot decided to put all the bread and crackers and old pork pies and bits of cheese IN A DESK DRAWER for like 3 weeks. No wonder we had like 3 mice running around when we returned in Jan.

I’ve talked about this a lot but the guy who was trimming his fingernails onto the floor of an overground train a couple of years back was probably the worst.

So bad was it that fellow passengers actually talked to each other about how gross this was after yer man alighted the train.


I love moments when strangers gather together in collective disgust


Oh that is something.
I would have definitely said something. Someone here clips their nails at their desk and the sound just goes through me.

To be fair my disgust sorta stopped at the idea of a mug full of hot water with dirty spoons in. Not sure I’m on board with that.


Yeah, I see the bean spoon as a silent form of protest.


Why would you do that? What would possess you to think that was a good idea. People are so weird.

Seems alright to me. I mean what’s the harm?

You know what i’m not 100% in on that either but I always re-fill it with boiling water and a little soap every morning. Not sure if anyone else is doing the same?

Because you’re at WORK. It’s not personal hygiene time.

Yeah that sounds alright. I think I’d probably bring my own spoon though.

There’s a guy in my office who walks around everywhere barefoot, even the men’s toilets (sometimes he puts on socks to go in there). Gross.

Yeah but it’s not dick around on DiS time either and yet…


zxcvdad strikes again.


isn’t the hot water mug meant to aid in the cleaning / stain removal not replace it entirely?

I’d be washing one of they spoons before using it anyway. some fucking diseased mouth-breather pure licking it and then sticking it straight in the days old water with all the others… no thanks


How good was their eyesight, out of curiosity?


In a pinch i used a public urinal once and someone had taken a dump in it. Awful.

Big fan of this tbh

Seemed fine. I left them out a mars bar celebration and they took it.

Who is licking a hot tea spoon?

was in a pub the other day and this couple were kissing all the time. was so gross.