People are gross (ROLLING)

I DESPISE spitting. I cannot bare it. I see no need for it.

This guy almost spat on me the other day. Prick.

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Years ago in an old office job I used to sit opposite a girl who got taken on at the same time as me. She wasn’t that disgusting but whenever she ate a sandwich at her desk she seemed to end up with most of it all over her face. Like, mayonnaise on her cheeks and all round her mouth and stuff.

I only worked there for a year and then about seven or eight years later I find out a friend of mine has a new girlfriend and when I see a photo of her on Facebook I realised it was the same woman. At the time I was dying to ask him if her table manners had improved but didn’t want to look like a dick. They’ve got a kid now.

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the same people who aren’t washing them after I’ll tell you that

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This would deeply irritate and upset me.
I can barely eat dinner with my brother still after he used to mash up weetabix as a child and slurp it up and get it all round his face. What a grotbag. He was at least a teenager at the time.

I can’t say I’m a fan but I do empty my nose quite often when I’m cycling about. I check nobody’s around though which makes this act of pure grossness totally fine. If a tree falls etc.

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Yeah a mug full of hot water with dirty spoons is fine if they’re going to be washed up not to be used again. Presumable you’d have to rinse/wash them anyway to get the soapy coffee water off.

housemate would regularly not wash his football gear after a game and then just put it on the following week for another match. I kind of had enough of this one time he came back smelling particularly bad and told him that he ought to be embarrassed of himself and to go and have a wash. like properly flipped out a bit over it.

he stopped doing it and we’re still housemates and atds (this was like 4 years ago).

I pick my nose

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The smell was so bad that I’m not sure how he could not have noticed.

Only found out he wasn’t cleaning his clothes after saying he should probably get the smell checked out by a doctor, because an hour long football session shouldn’t render such a stench.

Couple of drops of LSD in that hot water cup could make for a fun afternoon.
I don’t tend to notice other people’s grossness tbh which makes me feel like maybe it is I who am the gross one.


What’s an atds?


I also spit on the street when I drink/smoke :frowning:

I had this on the commuter coach I get a while back (except he was just brushing the off cuts onto the empty seat next to him). Pretty sure I developed lazer eyes from the disgusted stares I was sending his way (obviously I said nothing other than an exaggerated tut when I caught his eye as I’m far to British to actually say something).

Those tobacco gum pouch things are quite something.

Lol yeah but they don’t make me want to spit though.

Was checking out the reduced section in Tesco the other day and they had leftovers from the deli counter in little bags. Some of them had smashed up quiche in them - crumby egg pulp in a translucent bag, it looked so gross and I can’t believe any got sold. Strange behaviour from whoever bagged them/smashed them/priced them.

My colleague has a snotty nose almost permanently and when she wears headphones she sniffs the snot back in very very loudly and never blows her nose. Save me.

People who lick their fingertips into order to turn over newspaper pages really grosses me out.

I could maybe, maybe allow it when a page is stuck together and different to turn, but people that just do it automatically eww