People are having their milk delivered again then

Seems to be an apparent thing again about every three years.

I was going to sign up, but i noticed it gets dropped off in vans now, so if i’m not hearing the hum of a straining electric motor and the rattling of bottles what the fuck am i paying for?

To expand on the matter, would you ever pay for a regular service because it had sentimental value even if it didn’t make much financial or logistical sense?

I used to get a newspaper delivered, but it arrived after i left for work so i’d end up reading the paper at about 7pm and regularly bought another during the day, and some days they didn’t even drop it off. I think it was 30p a day plus the cost of the paper. Pointless.

Those Timpsons shops and concession stands seem to be everywhere now. How? Who’s getting their shoes resoled and buying £25 lighters?

Our next door neighbour gets his milk delivered at 5am, it’s still an electric milk float.

I did look into it and cutting down on plastic, but it’s 81p a pint. You can get 4 pints for a £1 at the Co-op

We do now. Not sure why really, but i quite like it.

Looking forward to getting a frozen pint sometime in january.

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Oh yeah: glass instead of plastic. Thats it.

I saw a Timpson’s shop with a barbers in it recently. Pop in, get your shit-flickers cobbled, Mary’s trouser suit dry-cleaned, a new snooker trophy, and a 2-back-and-sides.

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You’ve got to factor the £10 Christmas tip into that as well.

That is true, but I’m not paying over three times the price. If the difference wasn’t so big then I would be willing to pay more.

Not much, but I doubt Milk and More are paying any more to the farmers. Their milk income is protected, to a degree, by certain retailers, iirc

We’re getting milk as part of our regather box from next week onwards. Basically a load of fruit & veg (depending on what’s in season), half a dozen eggs, a loaf and a couple of pints of milk, all locally sourced for £14 a week. Good and sensible idea imo

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If Timpsons are ever going under, they should be brought under state control. Take it from a man who knows: you might not need your shoes resoled often, but if the worst happens when you’re out and about you’ll want to be within 200m of a Timpsons.

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Watching someone cut keys is satisfying as well. Goggles down, vice tightened, blowing away excess metal dust, giving you the key that almost certainly won’t fit so you’ll have to come back - all great.


Graze box wanker

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Yes that is the same thing

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I agree, but the pound shops do it for a third of the price, and ASDAS will sell you new shoes for less than a resole.

I’m a big fan, but where does it end? Before you know if the Thread & Bits Man will be popping round and you’ll have a meter on your telly.

I’m surprised Timpsons haven’t already gone under.
I went in once to get a spare key made, and the price was ridiculous, so I went a local independent cobbler and got it done far cheaper.


my parents have always had milk delivered. always been in a proper van though, you can’t really drive a little milk float around the windy country roads over a wide area

used to be in glass bottles but it’s changed in the last couple of years to just delivering the same plastic cartons you get in the shop

there used to be a bread van round our way too when i was a kid but my parents didn’t use it, as it sold sweets too and a lot of the neighbours’ kids would be out buying sweets from it every day which my mum was keen to avoid us doing.

there’s also the ‘mineral man’ (also didn’t come to our house) who drives around selling glass bottles of Maine fizzy soft drinks, which is apparently still a thing as an advert for it popped up in my instagram adverts quite recently. was well impressed they had the budget for that.

Please ynot, dont fall into this trap


With the rise in online cobbling


honestly don’t think I drink enough milk to justify the cost. I buy two cartons of this a week and I usually have some leftover

buy this particular brand because they sponsored depor in the 90s, ofc.