People around you with horrible habits (A 'people who...' thread)

Kid a few desks down keeps dragging up his snot. Dirty little shit

housemate leaves his piss and shit in the loo unflushed

Someone here has started chewing gum and then everything stinks of mint and I think I’m just smelling your fucking breath all the time. I don’t want this.

Yawning loudly

one of my younger student farts when he feels like it and doesn’t acknowledge he’s done anything wrong, which really winds me up.

but what can you do.

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its mainly annoying as I have to throw away my water bottle after the class because its now infected with faeces.

Person who I caught swilling her mouth out with something and spitting it into the kitchen sink, so now I have to assume that when the kitchen sink is wet it’s at least partially saliva.


The act of chewing gum on camera or while using a microphone should be a massive faux pas imo. Absolutely gross

ok, I can understand this one now


She won’t stop licking her own genitals and arsehole.

I saw the All You Need Is Love live broadcast thing the other day, and realised that John Lennon was chewing gum.

Imagine deciding to chew gum when you are singing lead vocals on a global live broadcast of a kind that had never been done before

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