People from the olden days who you're glad weren't alive in modern times



I was just thinking I’m glad Salvador Dali was around in the olden days and not now because he seems fairly annoying. Any others?
Please do get involved as much as you can.


This is low man, I miss them as much as anyone else but come on. This isn’t you.


I tagged him. This is a tribute.


Ask yourself the question “Would ohgood want this?”

I think deep down you know the answer…


He doesn’t know what he wants! Don’t you get it?


We just have to give him (and the rest of them) time to come to terms with the changes, if this is an attempt to accelerate the process (and I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and say it is, I hope I’m right) I don’t think it will help I’m afraid.


What’s your ulterior motive?

Someone’s got to you.




… great thread guys


this new Ant schtick is bumming me out