People from your lives who you like and why you like them


really like this girl at work cos she drinks a can of red bull she’s brought from home at lunch instead of a drink from the canteen. i don’t drink red bull but still liked it about her as soon as i saw it. also she’s from Finland


Will do this about my aunts and uncles. My dad’s brother likes cats and grabbed my old cat by the face to greet him jovially (that cat was a grudgeholder and staunchly avoided him from then on). One of my aunts is really chilled and relaxed and was the really cool big sister who drove her sisters to the movies after work which doesnt sound like a big deal, but considering the time, country and its attitude towards women, that is super cool. Also there is my other uncle who was only born in the 70s but who is actually my great grandpa’s son (who lived to over 120 and fathered kids into his extreme old age) is a barber in Bristol and always has really great afros. Also my other aunt (mums cousin) who looks about 70 but legged it up a mountain while i was still trembling at the base. Its pretty great having hundreds of relatives, lots of stories


they sound great
was your great grandpa’s exact age documented? according to guiness the oldest verified person ever was 122

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My nephew, 100%. He was born with a cleft palate and why it was a very trying time for my sis-in-law and bro during birth and when he had to have surgery at 9 months old and recently had another at age 3, you would never know it seeing the joy he has in everyday life. My brother was very much worried about him being bullied early in life because he might not look like other kids but he has such a great demeanor at such a young age all the young kids love him. Life is a beautiful thing sometimes.


If we’re talking about people we don’t really know, there’s a conductor who works on my train to work sometimes who does the announcements in a comedy style (e.g. he’ll pretend it’s an aeroplane and do it in the style of the captain doing the pre-flight announcement). Always cheers me up, that.


someone I work with skypes their guinea pig back home in hong kong


When we first moved here there was a woman we’d pass coming from the train station every morning as I walked my daughter to the bus for school. She was always listening to music but always smiled at my daughter. For whatever reason her fashion, look, etc always convinced me she must be French. I guess maybe she looked a bit like Audrey Tautou. One morning she passed us having a phone conversation speaking with the broadest Aussie accent ever. Quite the shock! Still like her for giving my daughter a smile every morning, though.


It wasn’t! Lots of people in developing nations aren’t recorded but do end up living long lives and in reasonably good health. My great grandfather was fathering kids fron the 20s to the 70s which is crazy to think about