People Getting All Indignant Because Other People Don't Know Something That Has No Impact On Their Daily Lives


So this guy I know got all angry because some of his workmates didn’t know what the Beaufort Scale was. I mean, it clearly doesn’t come up in conversation that much, and people learn tons of stuff that they forget because they have no use for it.

You got any examples of this sort of thing?


I do not


Yeah, it’s pretty unique I guess, most people wouldn’t be so thoughtless


Maybe saps works in a wind factory?


I’ve just seen the other thread and now have more of an idea of what is going on. Though not much/really


Oho, you just got added to a list that you didn’t ever want to be on, sunshine.

You don’t know what angry is.

You will regret this thread.

And that’s a promise.


A list of tolerant and open minded people?

I do not mind being on that list indeed!!!


His posting style would suggest this is the case!!!



(*delete as appropriate)


Only one thing makes me angrier than that Aussie twat maosm criticising me and that’s some prick hedging his bets when I’m fighting.

Let’s put aside our differences and turn sadpunk into a yellow smear.


I wanted to stab myself in the head about 10 years ago when a lecturer hadn’t heard of Lily Allen.

Felt the same after talking to someone from Finland who met someone who thought her country bordered Spain.

As much as this still irks me I’ve come to realise it’s not quite nuclear war.


Imagine how much richer your life would be if you’d never heard of Lily Allen.



if you really anger him he will give you two cocks! i’ve never looked back!




On Just a Minute last week actress Sheila Hancock slagged someone off for saying that Provence is “near” to Italy. Provence borders Italy and Sheila Hancock lives there.


listen i fucking hate xkcd


oh i know.


@mods when you’ve finished banning japes, pls ban xylo for this outrageous slur


Bring it, dickheads!

As my legal counsel, @epimer will be combatting on my behalf. 'AVE IT!