People Just Do Nothing

Last episode aired this week.

Cracking show


I was late to it but rinsed the first 3 series in about a week, then had to wait for s4 to go back on iplayer, watched that just before s5 went live.

Great, great show, will miss it, but to be fair, 5 series of that quality is very good going. Wonder what the cast will do next.

I often find myself singing Heart Monitor Riddem at home. Catchy little number that.


Yeah it is fucking brilliant. That bit with Fantasy and the orange was electric.

Was it just five episodes? The fifth felt like the last but haven’t checked iPlayer since.

The mockumentary felt dead but these lads and This Country proved that it wasn’t.

And while we are talking about it, Grindah’s pilled up proposal is absolutely brilliant.

6 I think

Thought the most recent series was one of the best

Yeah I saw the last one is up on iPlayer. Will probably pointlessly put it off for a while as I don’t want it to end.

I was still laughing about that the following day. Jokes, mate.

His getting things off his chest to Miche after seeing the doctor was great.

It has a fantastic bit with Chabbudys new business, Im still laughing at the name


POW! Lyrical blow to the jaw

It’s really great, reminds me of a lot of people I used to know at 16/17 when UK Garage was still a thing. I dunno if I have a favourite charachter, all 5 of the main cast are brilliant in their own ways.

One of my best mates used to live with Steves about 10 years back. He apparently LOVED Goldie Lookin Chain which probably endears me to him even more tbh.

I think there will be the odd special here and there in the next few years. I’m fine with that.


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Obviously confused it with this banger

Steves writea it doesnt he?

I know Asim Chaudhry is doing something this Christmas with Steve Merchant which sounds promising

Grindah and Steves write it.

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Fantastic show, and consistently great too. Pleased it’s gone out on a high.

And Beats has two Ivor Novellos irl, lovely stuff

Most of the dialogue is improvised these days, I think.