People learning to read and then getting upset to discover Elmlea isn't cream


Good fun, isn’t it?




Mate, you hadn’t eaten a twix until last year


I knew what it was though


Digging your grave even deeper mate


Not sure what you mean?

I didn’t eat Twix all the time then finally read it had caramel in and go, “shit, that’s why I didn’t enjoy this”





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Is it made of elm


What’s with the people learning to read bit?


People who buy elmlea deserve all they get tbqh


I’m referencing everyone who has been using it for ages but only just read what it was on the packet


It’s great in coffee


No one has been using it

We’ve all been buying cream cause we’re not 75.


Well I certainly.felt this needed its own thread



DiSers, eh?


Theo, you can’t come in here, accusing people of still learning to read and then post something that has already been posted today, in the most obvious thread for it to be in:


Interestingly you’ve highlighted a bug in the software that I was wondering about but thought maybe it was a Mobile issue.

Links to posts no longer seem to click through.

Also, as if I read posts from when I’m asleep. Pfft.


oh theo but it’s to the tune of mmm, danone