People living in a place literally named 'neo bankside' try and shut down the Tate's viewing platform




Was there he other day (but not on the platform) and the gf was literally trying to gawp into those flats and then I read an article about it. Oops. My advice would be buy some blinds you bozos, cos none of them seem to have any.


Finally, the rich are beginning to eat EACH OTHER


Wait people who visit the Tate are rich?


I like that people keep telling them to ‘get net curtains’. It’d go really well with the look of the building.


It would tbf look amazing if all of them did it


While it might mess with the aesthetic from the outside, if you’re bothered about people seeing you, it might be a good idea.

And I say that as someone who doesn’t have curtains/blinds in my flat but then I’m not overlooked by a major tourist attraction.


An entire bus garage staff sees my wife and I stumbling towards the coffee in our kitchen every morning. Unlucky dudes


Completely agree! I’m sure they can get some kind of remote controlled electric science blind but I would prefer it if they all bought net curtains.


boohoo people keep looking into my flat with glass on all sides


(I am seldom clothed)


Read this earlier. Pretty crazy that Ministry of Sound were so proactive when flats went up near them. They just knew people would move in and then start moaning. Pretty sorry state of affairs. Why live in an area like that if you value peace and quiet?


There were starting to be rules discussed about forcing developers to soundproof flats as their responsibility but we’re full far right these days so no chance of that


If I lived there I’d just stand there naked with my morning* coffee and wave* at them.

  • no creative editing please

  • with my hand


I generally do my pre-workout stretches. Just to upset anyone looking in tbh


@profk how’s your day going?


Might move next door to a smelting plant.

“Err, gets a bit warm round here. Can’t you do something about it?”


same as the twats buying flats above/adjacent to gig venues/nightclubs and then complaining about the noise so they get shut down


Borderline :frowning:


Classic (neo)Banks(ide)