People (music) who are the very best at what they do

Like, undisputed king or queen of their field.

I’m having Busta Rhymes (rapid fast rappage), El-P (production) and Freddie Mercury (puts on a show frontman). Hard to pick musicians as a lot is down to style and personal preference.

To be honest it’s hard to pick people who are undisputed. Potentially shit thread.

Jay Z (laughing)


What I was thinking initially was people who are the go-to for certain things. So like Thundercat - bass. Everyone seems to feature him tbese days.

Dizzee Rascal/Danny Brown.

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Danny Brown 4 lyf

Pharell - making global maega-hit pop songs (that are actually sometimes quite good but not so much any longer)

as much as I like el-p, he deffo doesn’t fit your criteria here


Alex Kapranos - projectiles as a metaphor for love
Panda Bear - songs with two voices alternating syllables
Roger Waters - Boomer Bile

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i’d have to say the best of the beatles (pop music)

Was thinking this, obviously he’s a massive ego machine but I feel like this could go to Kanye

Guy Garvey - singing about eyes


If we’re talking the go-to guy in the industry, it’s Pharell.

If we’re talking ‘the best’, I reckon it’s El-P. But you’re right, I was talking about the Pharell criteria.

Fred Durst - breaking stuff

This is a terrible thread. Sorry,

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Chesney Hawkes - being the one and only

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Yer man out of Kasabian: Blowing roofs off of houses


Think Steve Vai holds some kind of record for notes played per second.

Flea - everything

Not just houses mate. No roof is safe, anywhere!

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I’d have to say The Very Best of The Beatles Who Are People (music) At What They Do